Old Times Pendant

Gemstone: Green Amethyst

Vintage Elegance Revived in the Old Times Pendant

Embrace the beauty of the past with the Old Times Pendant - Green Amethyst. This stunning accessory combines vintage charm with the natural radiance of a vibrant green amethyst gemstone.Green amethyst is believed to promote balance, clarity, and inner peace, making this pendant a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. The oldschool silhouette exudes a timeless, vintage-inspired aesthetic that will elevate any outfit.Key Features:

  • Features a green amethyst gemstone for natural beauty
  • Oldschool pendant design with classic, vintage charm
  • Crafted by hand with meticulous attention to detail
  • Includes an 18-inch sterling silver chain for versatile wear

Let the Old Times Pendant - Green Amethyst be a reflection of your unique style and appreciation for the elegance of the past.