Daily Groove Mini Hoop Earrings


Introducing our Daily Groove Mini Hoop Earrings, a captivating reflection of spiritual meaning and contemporary elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earrings mirror the symbolic journey of the soul found in our beloved Daily Groove Bangle.

Designed and made in Toronto, Canada, these mini hoop earrings showcase the same commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices as their bangle counterpart. Crafted with recycled sterling silver and brought to life through innovative 3D printing, each earring embodies the vibrant artistry of our local jewellery scene.

The patterned lines on these mini hoop earrings hold a deeper significance, symbolizing the intricate pathways we navigate in life. As you wear them, allow the mesmerizing flow of the lines to guide you on a spiritual exploration, finding solace and inspiration in their gentle sway.

Crafted with exceptional precision and care, the Daily Groove Mini Hoop Earrings reflect our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Made with recycled sterling silver, they embody our dedication to sustainability while showcasing the vibrant artistic energy of Toronto.


  • Designed and made in Toronto, Canada
  • Crafted with recycled sterling silver, showcasing our commitment to sustainability
  • Meticulously 3D printed for exceptional precision and detail
  • Symbolic patterned lines reflecting the journey of the soul
  • Spiritual symbolism invites solace, inspiration, and mindfulness
  • Mini hoop design for a touch of contemporary elegance
  • Embraces the artistry and vibrancy of Toronto's jewellery scene

Embrace the spiritual symbolism and contemporary elegance of our Daily Groove Mini Hoop Earrings. Designed and made with love in Toronto using recycled sterling silver and innovative 3D printing technology, they serve as a reminder of the intricate pathways we navigate in life. Let their gentle sway and symbolic meaning uplift your spirit and inspire a deeper connection to your journey of self-discovery.